Cornershop by Uber

2020 — 2023

From 2020 to 2023, led the design division of Cornershop by Uber's customer-facing products.

This included hiring, managing and mentoring a team of Product Designers and Design Managers, overseeing the design of over 100 projects, and working closely with Engineering and Product teams to deliver new features and continuously improve Cornershop by Uber’s customer-facing products.

Cornershop was an Uber-owned grocery delivery service that offered world-class digital products powered by software and design. It debuted in 2015, got acquired by Uber in 2020, and was later migrated to Uber Eats in 2023, bringing the magic of the Cornershop experience to millions of users worldwide.


Boris Pinto,

Camila Navarrete,

Fernanda Quiroz,

Francisco Bulnes,

Gricelle Bouvier,

Javiera Sanhueza,

Laura Sandoval,

Nataly Medina and

René Morales.

Cross-Functional Design:

Matías Martínez,

Laura Sandoval,

Varsha Ashok,

Bárbara Molina,

Josefina Nagel and

Gonzalo Castillo.


Chaq Cuevas,

Oskar Hjertonsson and

Daniel Undurraga.

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