Uber Grocery with Cornershop


In 5 months, designed, developed, and shipped a grocery delivery service for Uber Eats from scratch.

By leveraging existing products and expertise from Cornershop, Uber Grocery has helped Uber Eats add more than 24,000 grocery stores around the world into its catalog —including Albertsons, Carrefour, Costco and Woolworths—, and has allowed Uber Eats customers to order at least 100,000 bunches of bananas each month.

Cornershop was an Uber-owned grocery delivery service that offered world-class digital products powered by software and design. It debuted in 2015, got acquired by Uber in 2020, and was later migrated to Uber Eats in 2023, bringing the magic of the Cornershop experience to millions of users worldwide.


Angela Wen,

Angie Kwan,

Laura Sandoval and

Matías Martínez.


Chaq Cuevas,

Oskar Hjertonsson and

Daniel Undurraga.


Lawrence Luk,

Jennifer Yang Wong and

Osvaldo Mena.


Erasmo Marin,

Laura Sandoval,

Osvaldo Mena,

Alejandra Fernández,

Ricardo Oyarzun,

Abel Fernández,

Mercedes Rodriguez,

Gonzalo Castillo,

Francisco García,

Franciso Yáñez,

Erin Gallagher,

Hosung Lee,

Jakob Holdgaard Thomsen,

Kristian Lassen,

Kun Bao,

Martin Ickowicz,

Rene Schmidt and

Stefan Gavrilovic.

Cornershop by Uber Web App


Cornershop by Uber Web App